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Today I want to tell you something about Femme Adabio. Fame Adabio Nigerian lawyer, film actor, director, producer and governor special adviser of industry, culture and tourism cover state. He is the eldest actor, son of Adabaio Salami. We know that he is a successful actor to everyone.

Quick Facts About Femi Adebayo


December 31, 1978 (age 40 years), Lagos, Nigeria


 Omotayo Maimunat Sanusi (m. 2016)


Omolara Adebayo, Kemi Adebayo, Tope Adebayo, Sodiq Adebayo, Lai Adebayo


 Olatoun Olarenwaju, Fadlulrahman Adebayo, Fadlullah Adebayo, Firdaus Niniola Adebayo


Adebayo Salami, Risikat Ejide

Education and early life

To learn about his education and early life, He was born in Lagos in southwestern Nigeria, in December 1972. He was born from the cover state. He attended the University of Ilorin. , where he earned his Master's degree in Theater Arts Law He is currently studying Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in law at the University of Ilorin. His education life was very difficult. Yet, he has overcome all the obstacles and has succeeded his life.

Career and struggling life of Femme Adabio

If we want to talk about his career and work life, then first we have to say that his life is very different. He began acting in1985, in the same year he played the first film title of his father, Ogan Ajay. 

Femi Adebayo


He has performed in several Nigerian films, winning four awards as the best Yoruba actor for the 17th African Film Awards, known as the Afro Hollywood Prize in Stratford Town Hall in London. In 2012, he won a prize in the same division for the Nigerian Broadcasting Organization of Nigerizer. His credits have a long list of movies. Most of which are expected Santo Alapata, Woo Ati Fadka, Maa Bhabanan, and Buga are notable. Then we realized that it's a long way to help him bring success.

Family Life of Femme Adabio

To say about his marriage, that is to say, As a husband and wife, while taking part in Fame Adbyo's second marriage with her boyfriend Omtaiyo, joining with Mamunat Sanussi. Both of them married on October 9, 2016, in a low-key event. After 8 years of her first marriage crash, Fame Adbyo Omotoyo married Mamunat Sanussi. Many celebrities of the film industry were present at the wedding ceremony held in Irina in the cover state.

Awards and honors Femme Adabio

Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards
People Movie Awards For Best Actor of the Year
City People Entertainment Awards for Best Movie Producer of The Year He gained

Movies List OF Femme Adabio

Survival Of Jelili (2018)
Death Island (2018)
Diamonds In The Sky (2018)
Etiko Onigedu (2017)
October 1 (2014)
Ayitale (2013)
Ladies Gang 2 (2011)
Atónà (2009)
Omo pupa (2008)
Owo blow (1995)
Ogun Ajaye (1985)
Tania (2015)"
Iya Alalake (2015)
Anini (2015)
Omo Ekun (2015)
Alagbaa (2015)
Onise Iku (2015)
Omo University (2015)
Ounje Ale (2015)

Net Worth

Femi Lateef Adebayo is one in all the richest associate degreed important Yoruba actors with an estimated web worth of $900,000

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